I am huge fan of Mathletics. I have just organised our school to become part of this program for 2013 and while it is a program that will cost per child the benefits outweigh this cost. We have enough resources in our school currently to support a very extensive maths program so do not need to reinvest our money in hands on resources at the moment. I have also co-ordinated a leasing program for parents and students in Grades 3-6 to have their own netbook and the take up rate for this has taken our ratio of access from 1:8 to now 1:2.2. So given these two very significant changes we need to support our increased technology with great resources and Mathletics is a way to do this.

With the introduction of the Australian Curriculum/AusVels we also need to be addressing the four proficiency statements - Fluency, Understanding, Problem Solving and Reasoning. Again this will be supported by the diverse components of the Mathletics program. Plus we can now access most parts of Mathletics on iPads - a new feature - just download the app and if you have a log in you are right to go.

In addition this program also gives you access to Rainforest Maths as well as a great dictionary and a concept dictionary that groups all information ie tallies and how they look and how you might present them.

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