Me and My Family - New Unit

I am currently working on a new unit - 'Me and My Family'. I have linked this unit to the new Australian Curriculum/AusVels and Common Core Standards (USA).
I must admit I have put together many units in my time and this one presented some issues in terms of content until I went back to how I do plan.
I guess I was amused with some posts and responses made by some other bloggers about why they may do what they do in terms of publishing units. After some thinking I have arrived at a conclusion as all bloggers should - I actually do what I do for the students I work with and for no other reason. I post them within my digital stores because people may be interested in what I do.
I thought I would share how I prepare my units. I use an old fashioned approach. I read the statements from relevant curriculum documents and then I use an A4 page and textas and brainstorm what would address the statements within the curriculum. Keep watching for when the unit is finished. 

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