Saturday, June 29, 2013

Five for Friday - 28th June

Doodle Bugs and Five for Friday - hooley dooley - it's here again!

We started our winter break for two weeks today!

Number 1 - our tickets arrived to see King Kong the Musical in Melbourne. My daughter and I will stay overnight and see the show and do lots of shopping. A bit if girl time and lovin' it.

Number 2 - We had a planning day today and across the school we all looked at an Inquiry Approach. We specifically looked at integrating learning and started from what our students know and want to know. It was a great day and the share sessions by all teams was fantastic and we could see the natural progression from one year to another.

Number 3 - making Gingerbread Men was a delcious end to our Fairytale theme.

Number 4 - It would have been my Gran's birthday- she was 97 when she passed away. We have been without her for about 4 years and we miss her still.

Number 5 - It is holidays!!!!!!

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