Wednesday, July 10, 2013

iSURF(c) and workshops

Some of my followers are aware that I co-blog with a friend on iSURF(c)Maths. This blog is dedicated to Maths and is a response to the new Australian Curriculum. For my followers who are teaching overseas the ideas and philosophy would benefit the delivery of any Math Program.

The four Proficiency Statements of Problem Solving, Understanding, Reasoning and Fluency underpin our curriculum and we have taken the letters of S - U - R - F to make our brand name and have used an 'i' for individual goals.

There are freebies in our shop - download them and we would love feedback. We encourage you also to contact us and tell us what units of work you would like developed. Follow us on bloglovin as well and you will be updated whenever we blog. At the moment we are blogging on Wednesdays and we take it in turns to blog and reply to any comments.

We are also offering Professional Learning sessions to suit teachers/schools to develop work based on using these four proficiencies and setting individual goals in daily, weekly and unit planning. Contact us on

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