Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently - August

WOW - Amazing - it is August already. While our American friends are preparing for the start of the school year, here in Australia we are more than halfway through ours.
So linking up with Farley - who is sporting a rather great hair do (shame you have to re colour it before you go back to school) here is my CURRENTLY

No 1 - Listening -  Nic is listening to a sound track from a movie called "Submarine", Imogen is listening to alternative music on Spotify

No 2  - Loving - .I can't wait until the weekend. I have some serious work to do, other than teaching. All you bloggers who are TPT sellers get this one.

No 3. Thinking about the Japanese exchange student who is arriving on the weekend and will be with us for a week and half - how much English does she have? Will she be okay? My daughter has been taking Japanese as a subject for about 5 years - so we should be okay...whenever she is around
Also thinking about how nice it was that my brother, partner, niece and nephew came for a visit. I am 2000km away from family and it feels so far sometimes. Here are two gorgeous photos of my family. My nephew will not smile in photos. My daughter is in her school uniform (she wanted everyone to know she doesn't dress like that for choice)

No 4 - wanting life to slow down. I want to spend more time doing everything - sleeping, being with family, reading, friends, relaxing,..........

No 5 needing - should cull my stuff. We had to replace the ceiling in the garage as the plaster was not fixed right. so everything had to come out and go in the house. If you look carefully, you will see our daughter hiding. What is a teacher to do with dress ups, books, units of work, decorations and both Tony and I are teachers!

No 6 - Back to school must haves.
My iPad always gets a huge workout in the school year - so on the last day of the year, on the way home I buy a new cover and new protective film. That way I feel I have almost a new one to use over the holidays, plus I lose the glitter, paint, play dough loved case. Much more sophisticated when out having lunch or coffee.
I always cover my two chairs in new fabric over the summer - that involves my electric screwdriver, a staple gun and huffing and puffing and maybe some swearing.
My two data folder - one for Maths and one for English, I get new ones every year. I agonise over covers, dividers ad what goes in them.
A side note - Blogger is driving me crazy. it will not allow me to resize the last few photos - aaarrrrrggggghhhhhh. This has never happened to me before.


  1. Paula, it made me giggle when you said that your kiddos are listening to different music. I am sure that it was an eclectic mix! I hope your experience with the exchange student is great. My friends are hosting a Chinese student and it has been a blast. He has had so many "firsts."
    Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

    1. Music competing used to make me giggle! Headphones are an amazing invention, but they don't always use them.
      Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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