Saturday, October 26, 2013

Five for Friday - 25th October

Here are my five randoms for this week

I have not been posting my normal blog posts this week - I have been pre occupied with our Nic finishing Year 12. For my international blog readers, this means after 13 years off school - our son will be off to University next year. So on their second last day - there was a 'muck up' day and then their last day was an official presentation and assembly and then last night a formal Valedictory Dinner and Dance. 
On the muck up day - they all went dressed as movie characters - Nic went as the Great Lebowski.
As Nic is studying for all important exams to get into Uni - I may be an absent blogger for a few weeks. 

Three of our students entered a competition to create bike safety advertisements. THEY WON a STATE COMPETITION and prizes included a bike for the winner and the Police Band come to play for our whole school. They have an amazing sound. 

I teach 5 year olds, but also get to coach one day a week and have been working with the Grade 5/6's on Daily 5 and Cafe.
Loving it
My Mum sent me an old photo of my sister and I when we were little. My mum is incredible around technology. Scanning, cropping and sending.... I am the eldest of four and our bother came along when I was 5 and then a younger sister when I was 15.

I cannot take credit for this photo. It was taken by a local photographer and is of our Botanic Gardens and our glass house that is full of begonias. This was taken on a glorious spring day 

Have a great week and forgive me if I am not posting as often over the next month as Nic is studying for all important exams. 

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