Saturday, November 2, 2013

Storybook Saturday 2nd Nov 13

Welcome to Storybook Saturday. Each Saturday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.

There are not many rules but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
Add the above graphic with a direct link back to Paula's Place
Link up by adding your post link to the link up below

You may choose one book or a few books.
Here is my book for this week.

I love this story to bits - the text is simple, the pictures are simple but the conversations you can have are not so simple. 

This baby wombat is cute and stroppy. He wants a new home and finds an unlikely friend. 
The baby he befriends is funny. The new home is unusual and hilarious. 

Now it is your turn - linkup below


  1. Love the wombat books! Did you know there is a Diary of a Christmas Wombat too?? Can't wait to pull it out at the end of November/December.

    Down Under Teacher

  2. I love this link-up and the books you recommend. I already ordered the book from the other day. Now my husband is reading The Rosie Project and thoroughly enjoying it. As always, thanks for sharing.


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