Sunday, November 10, 2013

Two projects on the go...

This is what I am currently working on....any feedback graciously accepted.

I love doing the creating and making that this type of work allows me to do and love being addicted to clipart
from Melonheadz, Educlips, Scrappin Doodles and From the Pond. KG Fonts and the Melonheadz font is also my new love. 
If you use these - make sure you purchase the correct licenses. 

I have a week and half left of leave and will be making the most of  my time to work on my to do list!
Our son has two exams left and I am loving being around to support him. 

 My Christmas writing tasks should be done by tomorrow night. I will also be doing a December writing pack to cater for those schools/grades that do not do work on Santa/Christmas.

This number sense pack is part of my work with Kerry at iSURF(c) and currently has a two sets within it. One set uses the script for Victoria and the other for Queensland schools. I know other states also use these fonts too. 
If you would like your school/state script added - let me know.
This pack will be in our shop by the end of the week. 

Not sure why these have turned out grey - I promise you they are white when printed from the packs.


  1. I like the look of these, they will be great for next years preppies :)
    I love how you have made them in Qld font!


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