Monday, December 2, 2013

Currently - December 2013

December - Wow, the end of the year is here!

Listening - the news always depresses me. Our Government is going back on a promise (there is a surprise). Funding is not what we thought. 

Loving - Christmas Carols - but don't tell anyone

Thinking - about my list. I think it is longer than Santa's naughty or nice list

Wanting - life to slow down. My kids are ready to move on. In Aus our school year goes from January to December. 

Needing - to post my gifts. Although my dad is not well. So this weekend, we will drive two hours to the airport, fly two hours, drive another 30 mins and spend time with my family, so maybe I could take our gifts with us - note to self, finish shopping by Thursday, wrap and pack!

Fav Tradition - on the 1st Dec we have tree day on our family and just love that tradition. 

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