Saturday, December 21, 2013

Storybook Saturday - Mrs Wishy Washy

Welcome to Storybook Saturday. Each Saturday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.
In January, this will become Storybook Sunday.

There are not many rules but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
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You may choose one book or a few books.
Here are my books for this week.

I love Mrs Wishy Washy and boy oh boy! There are many versions and kids love them so much.
My fav is the original book, which is the first one.
It is a simple book and comes in a big book and smaller ones.
The text is predictive and simple.
The farm animals get muddy and the get washed and they just can't resist getting muddy again.

I have a Literature Unit that focuses on K-2 and has  15 tasks (40 pages). It is also USA CCSS and Australian Curriculum aligned. 
Tasks include:
Matching animal to name (noun)
Missing words
Is, can, has
Nouns and adjectives for the three animals
Matrix of mother and babies
Venn Diagrams
A-Z Key
Beginning, middle and end task
I see, I think, I wonder
Complications and Resolutions
Craftivity – make Mrs Wishy Washy
Collect Data and formulate questions

Who, what, where, when, how 

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  1. Hi Paula. I have never heard of Mrs. Wishy Washy so I'm excited to check it out. I think Fiji looks amazing!


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