Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five for Friday - 17th Jan 2014

Here are my five randoms for this week

We are still on our summer break here in Australia - so this post is about my shopping/holiday exploits plus one work related share

I just love my new notebook. I ordered it from and I love it to pieces. I also have the diary. You can customize the book and choose the type of pages you want in it. It takes about 3 weeks to get here - but I am in Australia. 

You get to design the front and back cover - this one has an image from build the teacher from Melonheadz - that looks a bit like me. Coffee and iPad and me dressed in black!

I have a size to fit into my handbag. That way when I am waiting to pick up my kids from somewhere I always have it and can work on future units. I do not do 'waiting' well'. 

I wanted this notebook just for planning out my new units of work. I start brain storming the ideas and writing them down - you can see my hand written notes peeking out from the tabs I have glued in.

Then I have stuck in the covers and some examples of work from the unit. This reminds me what it was all about. 

Oh boy! Shoes - what can I say? A girl can never have enough right?

I have been in Melbourne (the capital city in our state) shopping with my daughter and I wanted some new shoes for work.

I am absolutely in love with my new vans - the design on them just got me. So I have comfort and style. The top ones are sandals and are so comfy. Witner is one of my fav shoe shops. My two teenagers are still chuckling about their mum wearing vans. What can I say - I am a cool mum!


I have been looking at this rose gold watch from skagen for a while. We found a sale and I just could not leave it behind. Maybe I will be better at getting to places on time now. (I just have to stop blogging and looking at pinterest and facebook and working on units of work and ......)


I am having a great summer break. Readers of my blog will know that we have just come back from Fiji and spent a lovely ten days there. 
These photos make me want to be back there.

We have just been to see "Grease" it is on in Melbourne at the moment. 
It brings back many memories for me and I just love the music. 
We stayed overnight at the Sofitel and our room was amazing - we got an amazing upgrade and two sides of our room were windows, so from the 41st floor the views were spectacular. 

You can even see the tennis - just needed binoculars.
It was so hot - 40 degrees in Fahrenheit that is about 104. It got to 43 at some point that day.
Our weather is cooling down for the rest of the week - yah!!

We have nine days of left of holidays........


  1. Wow Paula! You are so lucky to be enjoying your summer break and going to looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary
    PS How do you add that "you also might like" widget at the bottom?

    1. Fiji was lovely.
      I have had the - 'you might also like' on my blog for a while. I can't remember how I added it. google - how to add you might like on blogger and see what comes up. I know you add three or five to the bar. Try this link for more info


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