Storybook Sunday - Eric Carle

Welcome back to Storybook Sunday. Each Sunday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.

There are not many rules but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
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You may choose one book or a few books.
Here is my book for this week.

Eric Carle - The Tiny Seed

This book is great for looking at what happens to a seed in the wind.
The text is lovely - Eric Carle always writes lovely books.
The illustrations - well I just love them all.
My husband painted some for me to use in a sequencing task.

 If you would like to check out the Plant unit with this sequencing task in it - here is the link.


1 comment:

  1. "The Tiny Seed" is a must for the classroom come springtime. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    Love to Learn


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