Monday, March 3, 2014


I have two new freebies available for you

This is part of a bigger pack. It is only available for Facebook fans - you need to access on a PC and click on the Fan Freebie Tab and download it from google docs. Enjoy

If you download this please leave feedback.

I am often emailed or messaged about setting up these anchor charts - The 'daily 5 book' is an easy read and outlines exactly what you need to do to have this running in your room. 

I have team taught for two years with two different teachers in Prep (Foundation/Kindergarten) and it was so successful - our data went through the roof. 

This year I am team teaching with Fiona in a Year 5//6 and we have just introduced the daily 5 components and are now ready to do Cafe - keep you posted. 

But it works with all year levels.

These Daily 5 posters have spelling for Aussie schools.

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  1. I love your freebies, Paula!

    Also… had to share - my kiddos reached 15 minutes of Read to Self last Friday! (And they were SOOO excited! 15 mins was our goal - for now - and we're celebrating this week by decorating our book bags!)

    Miss Galvin Learns


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