Storybook Sunday - Cat in the Hat

Welcome to Storybook Sunday. Each Sunday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.

This week is a celebration in America and is "Read across America Month" and a birthday for Dr Seuss.

My fav book is 'Cat in the Hat' and what a great opportunity to read the book and watch the movie and make comparisons.

Kids love the nonsense, rhyming words and characters. 
They get scooped up with the frivolity, fun and are fixated by the fiction of it. (Do you like my alliteration?)

Now in TPT world - there should be no products that contain this wonderful work. 
The Dr Seuss police take their copyright very seriously and have successfully had some work taken down.  
All the images i have used in this blog post are available through a quick google image search. 

Teachers all over the world read these books and we have been responsible partly for the great success of the many titles written by this wonderful man, yet we cannot produce work around them, even for free. 

I wonder what the great author would really think about this - as some teachers now refuse to read his books in their classrooms. There are children missing out!

Imagine being this man for a day and experiencing the thoughts, ideas and notions that go with that amazing brain. 

Maybe if sales are effected enough, those who now control these amazing titles may change their minds. 
Do I read these books to my class now? NO! 
Do I show kids where they are in the school  library? NO!
Do I do a whole Literature Unit on them? - NO!

But I still love them. 

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