Saturday, July 19, 2014

Five for Friday - 18th July

This has been a tough week! First week back and so busy.....
Here are my five randoms for this week

Number One has no photo. 
Well there are photos - but none I should share.
I started this week by helping to celebrate a special birthday with a very special person. 
So this week needed to start slowly and now I am fighting a sore throat and sniffles - having my own pity party!!!!


We got a lovely photo in the mail this week. Hasan is a child we sponsor through World Vision. 
We have been sponsoring since the 90's. 
One Christmas when our son was little all he wanted was a cow. Not for himself but for a child overseas and this was when our relationship with World Vision started. Our son still delights over these updates and he is 19!


This week I have been going through the completed Convict File work our grade has done. They are amazing and show great empathy for what life as a convict was all about. 
I have discounted this file by 20% until Monday.



My husband bought me this electric rug. It is winter here and I am nagging kids about shutting doors, leaving the heater on - so he got me this rug and I love it. Having a granny moment....

I have become obsessed with binding the files I make. 
We have a store here in town that places a black back page, clear cover and black wire binding all for about $4 and it just makes my work look super professional. 
These have matt covers on them.

Link for 6 Traits - click here it is 20% off until Monday

Lit Circle pack link - click here it is also 20% off until Monday

Have a great week everyone

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  1. Hi Paula. Is your rug an electric blanket? I love how you sponsor this boy and how your son is still excited about him. How cold does your winter get? Last winter we had a stretch of bitterly cold days, and the heat couldn't even keep the house warm - awful! That's why I'm trying to appreciate summer so much. Feel better!


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