Sunday, August 3, 2014

Currently August

August has arrived

Farley does an amazing job with this monthly link up and so many bloggers look out for it
Go and link up to 'Oh, Boy 4th Grade' and go and check out how many do link up and read some posts.

This is such a cute template and while my USA readers are or have gone back to school, summer needs to spin down to us. Can't wait for summer here!

Listening -  to a renovating show while typing this post. Probably explains why it is taking me way too long. They have great ideas for bathrooms and kitchens.

Loving - that our home is warm and this couch is comfy. We had snow yesterday and ice today, so here is where I am staying.

Thinking - about my long list of stuff to do, but do not have the energy - I have had a horrible cough for days and it is not getting better. 

Wanting -  winter to be over. I am a Gold Coast girl and this winter has been hard and has a long way to go yet. 

Needing - to get rid of this cough

1st day you and kids - In Australia we usually begin late mid January, this year we started first week of February. We finish our school year on the 19th December this year. We have 41 school weeks in a year. 


  1. I found your blog on Farley's Currently August linky. I hope you are enjoying your school year and looking forward to a break soon. It was fun to come across an Australian blogger. :-)

    Psyched to be in 2nd!

  2. How interesting that your year is so flipped from ours in the US! The difference in weather is also extreme! My dream trip is to come to Australia- it's on our bucket list! It will have to be when I retire, though, as the prime time to come would be smack in the middle of our school sessions!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Snow? I didn't even know that it snowed in Australia! Now that it's August, summer is starting to wind down which means spring is right around the corner for you! I think in the U.S., most of us are know little about the world outside of here. I bet you know the name of our president, and I have no idea who the prime minister of Australia is - I'm assuming it's a prime minister any way. I guess I just proved my own point. Keep warm and cozy!

  4. I found your blog through "Currently" I have a bad cough, too and it is summer here! I traveled the past 2 weeks and that is why I am sick. I had to see my doctor when i returned from vacation. When do you have breaks in your school year if your year ends Dec. 19th and starts in Jan. Do you get a summer break like we do in the US?

  5. You have a Gold Coast in Australia? We always referred to part of the coast here in Connecticut as the Gold Coast!
    Frampton's FUNdamentals


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