Five for Friday - 5th December

Here are my five randoms for this week.

This week has been busy and eventful.
Some parts of the week I have photos for and some I don't - it has been that kind of week!


 My 'Elf on a Shelf' has arrived.


Loving putting out our Christmas decorations - a big week and it is finally done.


Also did my currently for December as well as re post November that I forgot to publish - whoops

Unless you live under a rock - there was a huge sale on TPT this week. I feel so lucky to be a seller and have my 'stuff' in your classrooms.

I spent so much money buying clipart and font licences and cannot wait until our break and start putting together some new packs for my room and you.

Below are just some of the items I bought.

This one has no photos (not for public viewing anyway)- our staff Christmas function was on Friday night. 

We had a mystery bus tour and had first course in a small town about 30 mins from town.

Second course was in another small town - then we to a local hotel for last drinks

Then back on the bus and back to town.

About 7 of us had a mission - mine was to convince as many people as possible that I was in a band - sadly they believed me. I then had to confess it was all a lie and they were all very sad as they were looking forward to my first gig in late January. Funny hehehehe

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