Five for Friday - 22 Feb (late)


I have been so busy this weekend and am only now getting to my post for this link up.
Can't believe I am still in the first 90 links though - maybe life is getting in the way for most of us - and you know that is really okay.

Here are my five randoms for this week


 We have started to look at SPINNING in SPACE and where night and day fall.
There is so much to see and do with this and we are loving the tasks. 


Cooking pancakes was another highlight this week. 
Shrove Tuesday is a celebration we always acknowledge. 


Mapping has been a focus and we are learning so much. More info to come this week......


Laminating and cutting some work - Homophones or Homonyms  to use this week


Planning and looking at skills our kids can do. Our Maths sessions went well last week. 

Another big week is coming with open classrooms, Family BBQ, Staff meetings and team meetings, professional learning, yard duty and somewhere in their family time

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