Saturday, April 25, 2015

Five for Fri - 24th April


Here are my five randoms for this week

April is a huge month for me and this week is the biggest week in April.

At the end of this post there is link to a major milestone freebie - only one day left!

ANZAC Day is a commemoration of lives lost in World War 1 and a remembrance of all those we have lost in other conflicts and a recognition of all those who continue to fight for us.

Our daughter (on the left) is on the leadership team at her high school and together with the Art Department they made over 900 ceramic poppies for their ANZAC Ceremony. 

Many Australians and New Zealanders go to a dawn service on this day too. 
Servicemen and woman march in ceremonies all around our country.

It was my birthday today and look what greeted me on my desk when I arrived today. 

Over the next dew days - my husband and son will also celebrate their birthdays. Lots of cake and presents to come.....

In our country we have a National Assessment about to happen. I completed these as a tool for getting kids to plan and write in the lead up to this time. 

Our kids are now amazing at planning in ten minutes and the structure of their text is improved. 

I am trying to do one on Narratives - but not sure when it will be done. 


This week was a tough week for the Leeton community and the community of teachers around Australia. 

Stephanie should have gotten married, been on her honeymoon and felt safe. 
Instead - she was murdered.

Stephanie was a teacher, who went into work on Easter Sunday to get prepared for her leave to get married and be away on her honeymoon. 

She has been allegedly murdered by the cleaner at her school.

The teaching community to show support for her family and community have worn yellow, put out the wedding dresses and used hashtags. 

Some of us Aussie TPT'ers got together and designed this and have had it is our profile pic, and it has been seen on instagram and shared by many. 

Many teachers go into work out of hours and on weekends - please be careful.

I reached my first big milestone this week on TPT. 

I have shared my "Goldilocks - please say sorry!" free for a limited time.

Please leave feedback if you download my work. 

Take care of yourselves and have a great week. 


  1. Paula, I love that pack on persuasive essays. I am tutoring a student in year 7 and he needs to start preparing for the Naplan soon! I will keep my eye out for that one. ;)

    PS: Happy birthday to you and the whole family! Wishing you a lovely week. :)

    1. Yara, I have posted it. NAPLAN is only three weeks away...


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