Saturday, May 23, 2015

Five for Fri - 22nd May


This week and last week has been all consuming - Nation wide standardised testing
We call it NAPLAN - National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy

 Image result for NAPLAN 2015 

and now it is gone!
Now we need to wait months and months 
to get the results.

Our kids coped well with the four tests - Reading. Language Conventions, Spelling and Numeracy. 
Maybe the lollipops we gave them after each one helped.

Image result for NAPLAN 2015


 We have had parents joining is for reading this week. Parents are always welcome, but this has been Education Week and we are highlighting reading. 

Our recycled art projects have been designed, tested and evaluated. Here are some of our creations.  


Working on some assessments for teachers to use. 


Writing moderation is tricky. We do this often so that we are using the same language, gaining an understanding of what our curriculum is actually meaning and building up our own samples. 

I hope that this week slows down. 
Report writing is my job this weekend and next weekend. 


  1. Are the AusVels assessments something you are going to have for sale?

    1. They will be - the Foundation one is free and I am working on the others

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  3. more question...what are the documents your team are using as their guide for writing moderation?

    1. I made these ages ago for our staff - if you email me at - happy to email them to you


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