Five for Friday - 5th February


I'm back at work and haven't had a chance to blog for ages!
Here are my five randoms for this week


Day One and swimming started at school.


Getting to know my new group of kids...

Sometimes we take part surroundings for granted - this is part of our school library. 

My current project is about making goals easier to track - stay tuned...


  1. Hi Paula,
    Can't wait to see what you do with your maths goals. This in an area I struggle with big time!

    Zoe x
    Oh the Little Wonders

  2. Back-to-school tired is like no other tired! I like your All About Me materials. I'll be considering those in August when I start out with a new group of students. Enjoy your weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. Oh, Paula, I'm so glad you posted today. Your Aussie start-of-year puts my mid-year point in perspective over here in chilly Michigan. We're prepping for our Kindergarten Round-up when we meet next year's kids for the first time in a couple weeks- we start early for all the parents who "shop." Your All About looks fun and I'm gonna watch to see what new thing you're doing with goals. I'm always interested in how teachers post and track them. See you around! Kathleen

  4. Wow, your summer vacation flew by! I love how your kids get to swim at school! Do the teachers ever go in? The school library is beautiful! Happy weekend!

  5. Oh wow! I love your 'all about me' pack - it looks great and so much fun! Love the look of your School library - have a great year!! :)

    Teaching Autism


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