Digital Pensieve - Take 2

I have been asked a question about how I have used and found the Digital Pensieve in my room.
As we have been on our summer break and our school year ended, in December I needed to archive my students from 2012. This was an easy process to carry out. When meeting with the teachers who would have my students in 2013 the notes that were in my Pensieve made this process very easy. I was able to give very succinct information and the next goal for each student.
During our reading and writing time my students loved the digital version as they could see their name, read what was on the tab and ask questions and play a massive role in the next step in their learning. They loved being able to see old notes and were very keen to help make appointment times.
I accessed the tool on my iPad and this worked well, as I still need to carry word lists, phonics info and guided reading texts. So I stopped using my laptop as there was too much to move from child to child.
The only negative for me, and this is not an issue for the digital tool, is that when the Internet is not working and/or I did not have access - like waiting to pick up my daughter from ballet and filling in time - you cannot access the files to add to or plan from. It would be great as an app, but then sharing students wouldn't work.
I am looking forward to accessing this for my new grade this year and seeing how we will manage the cost for our team. We will be having four grades in a large space and will be working with all students across all curriculum areas.

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