Five for Friday

I follow some great teaching blogs and they inspire me so much - one is Doodle Bugs and I am linking up to do Five for Friday. Since it is Saturday here maybe it should be six for Saturday.

This will be a great way to summarise and highlight my week. So here goes with my 5! The theme is celebrations

1 - not work related but our son Nic who is in Year 12 is one of the school's Vice Captains. For my followers who are overseas - this is his last year at secondary school before he goes off to University. Worth celebrating for us.
2 - Our Prep space is working well - open plan and 84 preps. The four of us (Chrissy, Pascale, Jan and I) got to the end of the week.
3 - I mastered one of those little books - from one page you get 8 small pages and cut only once. The photo is a bit light, but it was great for one to one reading and looked very cute.
4 - Our joint planning is coming together as a team. Two of us take care of Literacy and two of us do Mathematics.
5 - All our preps sat though assembly and were a great audience.
6 - Just because it is Saturday - my freebie link to my Cafe Signs (click on the image)

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