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I have been busy trying to get my "Work on Writing' Folders right. This year we have gone for a plastic document wallet where our students will house all their writing tasks. There is a handwriting alphabet laminated card that has capitals, lower case and numbers. We use an old texta - it doesn't matter if it doesn't work - it is just for the flow and formation. There is a card that has the 100 most used words (DOLCH), a card that has the rhyme - ants on the apple - a-a-a, balls are bouncing b-b-b etc (yellow card) and a card that has their name with the font we use in Victoria, Australia.
These cards go in the front and at the back the most current piece of writing is shown. We like the most current at the back as we can see the goal for next time. It is our one stop shop for writing.
The other photos show differentiation folders with writing rubric sheets. Each child has a tag with their name on it and this shows which rubric they are working on. The next goal for them is circled on their sheet in a conference with the teacher and revisited before we write next time.
This first rubric is about a WOW planning picture. Getting students to see detail, background and use colour makes it easier for them to write. Currently we are basing our writing on Discovery Learning - Me and My family.

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