Five for Friday - March 15

It is here again - Five for Friday with Kacey from Doodle Bugs
It is incredible how quickly Fridays come around - so here is my five for Friday -

There is a theme here about celebrations

1. My son, as part of the student leadership team at his school all went and gave blood together. They also were noticed by our local paper - my Nic is the gorgeous one in glasses.

2. I am having a school visit to my learning space on Monday - partly due to my blog and another teacher from Tasmania will visit next term.

3. Our Prep team are experimenting and trialling new things. We have deliberately not got enough tables for students. A visitor to our space was surprised to see how are preps managed this. At kinder they do not have tables so why do we put them all on one when they come to school? Our students decide where they sit and whether they need a table or a board to lean on and work on the floor.

4. We have completed a week of maths tasks all based on St Patrick's Day. Our students have been engaged and learning and using lots of hands on tasks.

5. As a team we have celebrated where we sit using the AITSL Standards.This is set of standards for all Australian teachers, our school has been using this to support teacher effectiveness.  We are in the process of setting goals and timelines to review our own progress.

Have a great weekend - and here in the land of Oz we have two weeks before our term break and I have about two and half weeks before my daughter and I go to Bali and one of our favourite places Ubud. My husband and son don't like to travel so it will be some serious girl time on vacation.

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