Five for Friday

Thanks again to Doodle Bugs I am linking up for Five for Friday again this week. I do look forward to this linky as I can see new bloggers (maybe just ones I have never seen before) and you can get a glimpse into what is happening around the world in fantastic classrooms.

So here are my five -

Number One - My students are finally ready for me to use these babies in my room. I love the five splitters as you can have more then one and up to five headphones placed in the jack at a device and they can be doing 'listening to reading'.

Number Two - Here are my 5 favourite ANZAC Day books. We commemorate this day to recognise our servicemen and woman in all wars we have been in, but the major one being Gallipoli 15th April 1915.

Number Three - Team planning and iSURF(C)K&P 2013. A colleague, who is also a good friend and I are working on a way to use our new curriculum and plan in an interesting way to highlight the proficiency strands in our Australian Curriculum. We are very excited about the potential

Number Four - probably should be Number One - we all survived being back in Week One

Number Five - I have completed Round 3 of our 1:1 Netbook program and now we only have a very small percentage that do not lease a netbook in grades 3-6.

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