Five for Friday

This week has been huge and we were only at school for three days. Linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs so here are my five randoms for this week.
1. Presented at another school and got to talk about one of my favourites things - 'daily 5', staff development, best practice, student outcomes, planning, anecdotal notes, running records - well maybe a few of my favourite things.
2. My birthday was on Wednesday and my husbands' is this Sunday and our first born, Nic's is 18 on Thursday. Our premature baby who struggled to breathe and feed is taller than me, a student leader and you would not know he was a prem babe.
3. ANZAC Day - where our whole nation along with New Zealand stops and remembers those we have lost on wars. I found out today that a place in England called Sutton Veny, takes care of 167 graves of Australian soldiers, including 2 nurses that got through the war and then passed away because they caught the Spanish Flu. What an amazing tradition. Check out the link to watch a short video 
4. I had two teachers visit my classroom from Tasmania as they follow my blog and wanted to meet me and check out my classroom. This was a great honour and they spent some time with my teaching buddy from last year. Check out her blog  
5. My Preps went to the Fairy Park, near Geelong and had the best day. I had to stay behind as on Tuesdays I coach other teachers in the school.

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