Five for Friday - 10th May

Kacey at Doodle Bugs and her 'five for Friday' is here again. I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going and how 2013 is flying.

My 5 random things this week are a mixed bag of some great and some not so great things!
1. A not so great share  - I attempted a "Wacky Wednesday' linky and maybe it was a bit contentious and people were not okay to share a funny story - oh well. At least I learnt to do a linky and now have a new skill set.
2. Teacher Appreciation Week - my sale through Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook was a hoot and I got to see so many other bloggers recognising this week by sharing a sale in their digital shops.

3. Mother's Day craft and stall at school. These both went off without a hitch and our band of parents have raised about $2500. So on Sunday there will be many Mums getting presents, hugs and soggy toast and warm tea in bed.

4. I have been busy developing an Aussie Blog roll and have set up a blog list tab on my blog where you can see bloggers from our states and territories. So if you are an Aussie blogger please join up. With the help of another blogger I am developing some buttons for each state that you can use them  on your own blog if you choose to. Watch this space!

5. My real random - the weather here in Victoria has started to cool and I got to wear my favourite boots to work. I have a real shoe fetish and adore my many many boots (like 8 pairs!!!! ssshhh don't tell my husband) 

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