Five for Friday 3rd March

My 'five for Friday' is a bit different this week. Kacey at 'doodle bugs' has been instrumental in bringing so many bloggers together and don't we love checking out each others blogs?

So here I go.

Number 1 - Started Monday feeling absolutely terrible as my throat was like sandpaper. My team mates were so worried about me. I had a meeting at 8 and then teaching all day. My milestone for that day was making it home.

Number 2 - Went to work and presented at our staff meeting with my voice going in and out. See my post on 'traffic light reflections'

Number 3 - Had to leave work as I had a sudden bout of gastro and I was so angry as it wasn't my throat sending me home, but something out of left field. I have too much to do to be sick! Had to go to the doctors and he said no more work for the rest of the week.

Number 4 - our son turned 18, family arrived and things needed to be done. I have an amazing husband.

Number 5 - I learnt that I do not rest well and that even though I have an amazing life with great friends and family and a whole lot of life beyond my school life - boy do I miss my job when I should be there.

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