Five for Friday - May 17

Kacey from Doodle Bugs has had her last Friday and is on summer break - in Australia we are heading into winter and have had so much rain this week.

My 'five for Friday' ............

1. I have been involved in planning meetings to set up a new business with a friend - iSURF(c)2013. This is a program/philosophy to teach maths using the proficiency statements from our new Australian Curriculum. It is very exciting and in about a month we will be ready to launch.

2. On Tuesday, I coach three other coaches. These sessions has been really exciting and we have very insightful sessions looking at how we can take our school forward and further establish a real learning community. We are looking at school improvement using this booklet that a group of coaches (my name is in the back too) and our State put together a few years ago.
Coaching teachers in effective instruction.pdf

3. The job I love the most - teaching Preps (or Kindergarten in the USA) keeps me grounded and look at these great photos......


4. Longing for a massage or pedicure - so I booked one for today!

5. My nephew has been in intensive care and the rest of the week has been a blur. He is out, breathing, talking and certainly on the mend. I live 2000kms away from my extended family and this week has been a tough one on everyone, especially on my sister as her husband passed away 2 years ago and I can't imagine how you would deal with this without your partner around. My thoughts have been with her all week.

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