Five for Friday

Kacey and Doodle Bugs and Five for Friday help to bring each week to a close and the year is moving forward at a crazy pace. Life is hectic and joyful and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This week I have agonised over what to post for Five for Friday. I have a bit going on so decided to celebrate the reasons I can do what I do - not necessarily in any order of importance.

Number One - my week wouldn't happen without coffee machine. I love the smell of coffee in the morning, I even have a machine in our team office. I cannot bear instant coffee as life is too short to drink inferior coffee!

Number Two - my family allows me to have the level of commitment and enjoyment I have for my job. They are understanding when I am late home, when I forget to pick up milk, when my husband cooks dinner yet again and the list goes on....

Number Three - My teaching team - which is really my learning community! I lead a team of teachers where we teach 84 preps in an open space. This week we are going into iSURF groups and will be teaching across the space for Maths. I belong to a motivated group of four coaches and I work with the most amazing, inspirational Principal. The whole staff have worked so hard in the last few years to help improve outcomes for all students - I love my workplace.

Number Four - iSURF. This week we (Kerry and I) have organised a joint bank account/paypal account and are setting up our digital shops to launch our new Maths philosophy. This new way of processing assess/plan/teach for maths has been trailed and implemented in some classrooms over the last 6-8 months and we all love it. Our blog is about three days away - we already have followers so come on over and be there when we launch.

Number Five - my digital shops. These have given me the freedom to create and improve the way I present my work. My own students, colleagues and parents love them and now people around the world love them too.

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