May....already, so currently?

I have joined Farley in her 'currently' linky and you should head over and join too.
1. Listening to the dishwasher as it sprays dishes and is clanging on our plates. So this means it wasn't loaded properly.
2. Loving having my mum and dad visit for a few days. Our son is 18 today, so they drove for 2 days, will spend three days here and drive two days home.
3. Thinking that 18 years ago my husband and I were driving to the hospital and had our son 5 weeks early, breech and almost lost him and we had a 16 day stay ahead of us.
4. Wanting to stop coughing. I have been off work for a day and half and will also be home tomorrow. I don't do rest very well.
5. Needing to be a better cook - I hate cooking ordinary meals and it doesn't matter how much I keep an eye on steak - I always burn it on one side.
6. Summer bucket list - for us in Aus, I miss summer, we have a bleak winter ahead of us. So when summer comes back for us I will spend more time in the garden, more energy reading my books I am stock piling and sadly we will be getting our son settled in at University, but happy for him as this is an exciting phase.

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