Five for Friday - 14th June

Hello - hello - hello - Friday again!
Kacey at Doodlebugs and her link up makes me reflect on the last 27 years not just the last week. Keep reading and find out why.....
Number One
27 years ago today - Tony and I got married.
We got married on the Gold Coast and had a garden wedding in the sun.
Here is a photo of our 1986 wedding, check out the meringue dress and that tiara.
We had a lovely wedding in a small country town and then a honeymoon on Great Keppel Island.
Tony and I had met teaching in a large country town - Biloela, Queensland.
We met, got engaged and were married within a year.
We don't make snap decisions, but this was and we are still together.
The second photo is us now - our two kids (are 18 and almost 16) keep telling us to not embarrass them in public!
Number Two
iSURF(c) is now up and running. Check us out at our new blog and stores the links are on our blog.
Kerry and I wanted an approach to our new curriculum for Maths and needed the proficiencies to be how we teach
 Number and Algebra
Measurement and Geometry
Statistics and Probability  
We have four freebies and a Teacher Manual to assist teachers when trying to make sense of this new approach.

Number Three
My new book to read - Focus on Inquiry by Jeni Wilson and Lesley Wing Jan.
I just need to stop blogging and reading other blogs and read it.
Number Four
I absolutely love the pictures children draw.
This is our night and day work.
The night picture is on black and drawn with pastels - those of you who visit my blog know I love pastels.

 Number Five
We are almost at an end of our Fairytale work.
We have had a dress up day, planted beanstalks and drawn magic mirrors.
Can't flip this on my blog - sorry.

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