Five for Friday - 21 June

Doodle Bugs and Five for Friday - hooley dooley - it's here again!

My Number 5 is my favourite....

Number 1 - My newest book purchase is 'Monday is One Day' by Arthur A. Levine and is great to reinforce days of the week

Number 2 - Painting our faces for the sensory garden. They have been painted on wood. These will be lacquered and attached to our fence and be behind our daffodils and then sunflowers in summer.

Number Three - Our coaching team spent a night in Melbourne with our Principal. Our team spent a great night together and we had the scrumptious dinner at Tazio. It was nice to be away with this group and talk about future plans and directions for our learning community and consolidate some plans for our planning day next week. I love staying in Melbourne and it is a short 1.5 hour trip on the train.

Number Four - Kerry and I have made our first 2 sales for iSURF(c) check out our blog and shops for a new way to deliver maths and a focus on being a problem solver, show understanding, explain reasoning and develop fluency.

Number 5 - One of my sisters had a birthday this week and we got to look over some old photos. Leanne and I are 12 months apart in age, we live 2000 kms away from each other and I miss her terribly. I am the older bossy one!

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