Five for Friday - 31st May

Five for Friday - again with Kacey from Doodle Bugs! The weeks just zip by and here are my five randoms.......

Number One - iSURF is public. Check out our new blog and watch it grow. It is all about Maths and working with Problem Solving, Understanding, Reasoning and Fluency. The letters for SURF come from the first letter of these proficiencies. The 'i' at the start is for individual goals. Kerry and I have worked hard on making this happen and last night we had another business meeting. We talked about fonts, borders, clipart, branding, lesson plans, planners, ABN's, business names, buttons, editable PDF's and all things bogging, digital shops and copyright!
In the next few weeks watch out for our units of work and planners.

Number Two - reports. I am one of those crazy teachers who love writing them. I get to re look at work samples and evidence and think about one student at a time and reflect on where they have come from and where they are going. Below are some of the great work samples I am looking at.

Number Three - my Saturday morning treat. Two soft eggs on toast. I make this breakfast early on Saturday morning. My husband has left for work, my two teenagers are still in bed and what do I do - enter blogging world and join up with this linky. I check out other blogs, I lose sense of time and strangely it recharges my batteries. Oh and the other thing I should confess to - is I watch reruns of SVU...

Number Four - a new resource. Most husbands buy presents of jewellery and I am not complaining because I also get those romantic gifts - but this is what my husband gave me this week.

Number Five - it is June here in Australia and we are preparing for winter and my blogging friends in the Northern hemisphere are preparing for summer - so jealous. Ballarat gets a bit chilly. Our worlds are a bit upside down.

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