I'm late, I'm late for 'five for Friday'

Kacey is at the beach and I am running late....
1. Reports are done - I am really pleased with our format this year. A new curriculum and new set of benchmarks has meant we need to teach slightly differently. These are samples from our support documents to help us to moderate and look for the next teaching point.

2. I got to work with my buddy Kerry and do some iSURF work
3. My teenagers are out and about - and yes I do trust them. You sort of have to get to the point where you have done your bit and you need to stand back and just let them know you are here if they need you. That doesn't mean I don't worry about what other people are doing around them! These photos are nearly 6 years old. We were looking at them together the other day. Nic was off to high school for the first time and Immy was starting Grade 5. Now they are 18 and almost 16. There is a photo of them both with their Dad, the other important person in my life.

4. Three more weeks of school and then our mid year break for two weeks. Sleeping in, seeing family  and spending time on my neglected digital shops.
5. Thinking about a holiday that needs a passport - maybe Fiji! I might be dreaming....but maybe in September

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