Friday - Tips and Tricks - Teacher Tips

I have thought about this all week - what will I write? How will I write it?

My biggest teacher tip is to be planned and prepared. As you know, I work with three other teachers very closely and we all work hard on our planning for all 82 Preps.
My other tips are
1. Be kind to yourself, get one thing under control and then take on something else
2. Have a time each day where you are doing something for yourself
3. Make time for family and friends
4. Sleep properly
and my other favourite is.......
5. Laugh and laugh often!!!!
6. Have a network that you can rely on and get feedback from
7. Eat lunch
8. Enjoy your job
9. Be true to yourself and stay away from negative influences in the workplace
Another most important favourite....
10. Get to know your kids, find out what they love and your year will be amazing.
Below is a snapshot of our team planning
If you don't plan - you plan to fail.....

Number 1 - Our timetable - as we are in a shared space we all need to be doing the same thing at the same time. This ensures the space works smoothly.
Number 2 - Our Daily 5 plan is planned by two of us
Number 3 - Observation recording sheets for Daily 5
Number 4 - Maths planning done to of the other teachers. We split our kids between all four of us and they are grouped according to ability
Number 5 - Note pages for Maths
Number 6 - Discovery Learning planning around our Inquiry topic
As we share our kids, we have decided to take written notes and we copy them on Friday and pass them to each teacher.


  1. Agreed! I really need to get better about eating lunch. I tend to do "working lunches" in my room so I can get out and pick up my own kids without having to stay too long after school. But it means I don't get to chat a whole lot with some of my colleagues! :/

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

    1. We are so busy - I often eat while I am walking and that is not a good role model really.
      Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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