Five for Friday - 6th Aug 13

Five for Friday - it is that time again! This year is slipping by with enormous speed..

My five randoms are all linked to assessments - so maybe not randoms
Number One
This books is an essential guide to all things assessable in English and guides me through tasks for my students.

Number Two
Writing notes on each of my students - I apologise for the fuzzy photos, but I need to protect my kids' names. This sheet has a column for what I notice and a column for the next step in learning. 

Number Three
Tracking my reading levels and I use colour coding to see which month they achieved the level

Number Four
Tracking M100W and again coloured coded for which month they achieved which list

Number Five
I have decided to do Hearing and Recording sounds - I haven't done this for the longest time and need to look up how to score and then use it in my class for next week. It is a dictated sentence and there are scores for correct sounds. I will let you know about this more in a later post.

Just because it is the weekend - my favourite photo of the week - sunshine!
Have a great weekend.


  1. the obs survey is the literacy assessment bible. Love it!

  2. Hi, I am a Prep/Kinder teacher in NSW and am liking the sound of how you are organising things. Just a couple of questions - we are starting to introduce the M100W in our Kinder class. Do you start these from first semester? Where do they get up to on average by the end of the year? Also, what PM levels do you expect as an average by the end of the year? We are currently writing our first English unit for term 1 next year using the new curriculum and any ideas would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the great comments and questions. We start "golden words' day one of the school year. The end year expectation is 'blue' or 'green'. But we only have about 7-83 kids who wont have all sets from both books under control. We then start to learn how to spell them. The benchmark for reading re PM is 5, but already we only have about 7 who are not at that already. Most of our kids end up reading at Year 2 standard if nit end of Year 1. We have a very solid teaching and learning program that involves Daily 5 and Café. We see the lower groups every day. Hope all that make sense. I tried to email - but you are a non-reply blogger.

    2. Thanks, I have already bought the daily 5 book, but just also bought the cafe book after reading blogs. What do you mean I'm a non-reply blogger? I'm quite new to all this. I just clicked the notify me button - is that what you mean? Once again, thanks for your reply.

    3. I tried to email you directly and it didn't work - as long as you tick the notify box here, that is great.
      Daily 5 is the what and Café is the how and the rigour.
      Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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