What a week!

Sunday night and here it is

Here is my game for this week -
This week I worked with our "Turtle" group.
This is a mix of all four grades and the group that are performing above the expected level.
They have been working on 'friends of 10'.
In pairs they sat facing each other.
One child holds up a number of fingers between 0-10.
Their partner needs to tell them or show how many are needed to make 10.
This is a quick response to friends of ten and great for peer feedback and self/peer assessment.

Now for a Peek at my Week with Mrs Laffin


Loving that my daughter has a friend over and I can hear them singing and laughing - a day for family and catching up. Also for preparing a game for iSURF(c) link up - see item above and join this Math only blog.

Due to our concert - there are no meetings this week.

 Concert practise at the theatre for half a day

 Concert practise for a full day and then back at the theatre for a show at 6

 A normal day and then a show at 6

 Last day of term

 Planning day for our school. Our prep team will be planning for our toy unit using the inquiry approach.

Day 1 of our two week break and I think we will all need it!
A sleep in is non negotiable and then a day with my husband and teenage kids.
A short post and join me for my Storybook Saturday post
Over the break I am hoping to complete some unfinished projects for my digital shops......

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