Sunday night and two link ups

Sunday night is usually filled with getting ready for work tomorrow and checking that my class plans are right and ready to go. My teenagers are usually getting nagged to get bags ready, uniforms ready so we do not have to rush, nag and raise voices in the morning.
AAAHHHHH - Holidays for two weeks

First - a math linky with iSURF(c)

Here is my game for this week - it is an app for an iPad called TODO Maths


 There are many aspects to this game - but is about practice for fluency for early learners. This part of the app is about numbers to 10.
You touch each item an it moves, you write the number and check it.
Instant feedback and easy to use.

Now for a Peek at my Week with Mrs Laffin

Just chillin' and sorting out my digital photos so that I can find them easily. I am wrestling with icloud and it is synced on all my devices and as I have updated to iOS7 - getting my head around this on this last Sunday is a major effort (not)
This week I realised my blog will be one year old - so I need to organise something to say thanks to my followers. So watch this space!!!!!
Daughter to the dentist and coffee with a friend
 Lunch with friends
Think about Fiji plans and a coffee meeting with Kerry for iSURF
 and Saturday
just relaxing with my family and maybe some sleep ins and more lunches.........
I am hoping to put the finishing touches on my Halloween packets for my USA blogger friends  and complete some other work for my stores too.
Enjoy your week everyone and to my Aussie mates who are on holidays as well - enjoy as our two week break will zip passed fast!

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