Sunday night...peek @ my week and maths

It is Sunday night and as I try to get my stuff organised so that Monday morning goes smoothly I have two link ups I want to be a part of before I can shut my computer down.
First is a game to join iSURF on Sunday and sharing a game that I love - my kids have loved and you may love!

This game is very simple - to consolidate 'friends of ten' have two children sitting face to face.
One child shows a number of fingers ie 4 and their partner has to show 6.
It is a really quick way to check that they understand what make ten and even more it shows how they count. Do they know 4 or need to count 4 starting from 1?
Do they look to see how many fingers are down or do they know their friends of ten?
Next is a peek at my week linky with Mrs Laffin
So what is on for me this week?
I have been working hard to put together an editable planner for reading and writing. I posted about my own planning last week and had so many requests for it. So this is what it looks like.....because this has been such a labour of love - I intend to work less at home this week (for those who know me - this will be hard)
We are off to the dentist this week.
Concert practise and only a week and two days to go until the actual performance - but who is counting?
School Council on Wednesday night - where I will sharing how we are going with Daily 5/Café and our data walls.
Also our top writers will be tying stories and preparing book reviews - it is odd seeing our 5 year olds doing this but this group are reading one - two years above their age.
I have also started a Storybook Saturday linkup so I am lookin forward to seeing who links up and what their fav books are


  1. What a busy week ahead for you! Why do I always leave all my work until a Sunday night???? I have done enough now - ready to start another week!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Your new planner product looks amazing!

    Thanks for linking up Paula! I wish you a great week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. I love your linky. Makes me put my week into some sort of order.

  3. Found you on Five for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids

    1. Thanks for stopping by - off to check out your blog
      Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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