Five for Friday - 4th October

This is our last Friday of term break - two weeks goes so fast. 
Here are my five randoms for this week

 There is a store in Melbourne - a few of them are springing up called Daiso, where everything is $2.80. 
I snagged these,I just love the mini spotty clip boards. They will be great for guided reading, read the room and many other tasks. I may have to go back and get some more. 
I also picked up a mini whiteboard to try out, it is great, so I will be going back to get more. 
Did I say everything is $2.80.

I went into school for a few hours today. 
I was so pleased that we had cleaned out our Daily 5 boxes ready for the start of the new term.

I have been so busy with creating work - and completing that list of work started but never finished. 
These photos are from my "Racing to be 1st" for ordinals. It will be on TPT in a few days in my shared shop with Kerry called iSURF(c). This is all Math related. Check it out - click here to our blog

For my own blog and shop - I have completed work on Johnny Appleseed, Kwanzaa, Halloween Writing, Halloween Math, Halloween Reader, Spider Math, Spider English, Spider Bundle of the previous 2, A letter writing pack, a 2014 calendar and Going Batty in the last three weeks. Once school goes back - I just don't have time to do this. 

My brother and his partner have been in a song contest - they are called "My Figment" and I love their sound, they even have a video or two. They are very talented and came runner up. 
The second photo is of a ferry - my husband and I had a coffee at one of our local places at the lake and they were backing this out of the boat shed. 

This week my blog turned 1 and to celebrate - I had a freebie everyday on my facebook fan page. It was a great way to say thanks to all the people who were with me from the start and a nice way to great new followers. 
I am preparing for a new celebration - my TPT store is just a few short of 100 followers. Once I hit 100 I will do another flash freebie and a sale in my shop. 

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Congrats on one year of blogging! It looks like you've found some great things for your classroom! The mini clipboards are adorable!

    Seconds at the Beach


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