Oh my

Today I wanted to get one of my fantastic (they are all fantastic) 5 year olds to read to me, knowing that he had improved greatly. 
I have known what a great reader this student is, but I have wanted him to concentrate on fluency, being accurate and great comprehension and have been holding home back on texts which are easy for him. 
What that meant was he was currently reading level 24 - wow, a huge wow. 
At the end of this year our expectation is level 5, end of grade 1 is 15 and end of grade 2 is 20. 
But today I wanted to re level him and see how he had improved - he read level 30. 
This just blew me away. 
was a complicated text about dinosaurs and meteorites and atmosphere and extinction. 
The errors he made, he self corrected, even corrected for pronunciation. 


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