Storybook Saturday - 12th Oct

Welcome to Storybook Saturday. Each Saturday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.

Here are my books to help motivate you in Maths this week.

They are all written by Dayle Ann Dodds. I have so many favourite books and these are certainly among them.

'Minnie's Diner' - This one is great for multiplying and doubling.
There are many brothers and as each one enters the diner, they become bigger and have double what the previous brother has to eat and drink.
Until the last visit.......

'Full House' - This one is about dividing food with guests.
It is funny and engages our kids in fractions - always a great thing

 'The Great Divide' is about 80 cyclists who start a race and then the racers diminish and as this happens we divide the groups.
Fantastic illustrations and lots of room for discussions.

There are not many rules, for Storybook Satrday, but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
Add the above button with a direct link back to Paula's Place
Link up by adding your post link to the link up below
No direct links to stores - only blog posts please
You may choose one book or a few books.


  1. Hi Paula, firstly love your blog. I just joined your Storybook Saturday link. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Thanks for the fun link-up - I can never resist a book linky party!

    Love to Learn


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