Currently - November

It is amazing the speed at which this year is flying - November is here and we will be decorating Christmas trees before we know it.

Here is my 'currently' and I am  linking up with Farley a day or two late.....

Listening - I adore the sound of Adele, her music clams me, invigorates me and motivates me

Loving - that it is the weekend. I love my job as it is different every day and I wouldn't be without it. At the moment I want to do so much in my other world of blogging and TPT world, that there is never enough time in the day. The weekend gives me a chance to get to my digital world and design things - which I love.

These are my two latest creations.


Thinking - That I need to get ready for dinner. We have an event around our local lake - Springfest and there is an International Food Fest on. It is also a gorgeous night for it.

Wanting - to have my son's exams over. I am about to go on leave for two weeks, so I am here for him. (Maybe I can sneak some blogging and TPTing in - shh)

Needing - to complete my to do list before I have my leave. A start on my reports would be great!

A yummy pin - click the image for the recipe Citrus Infused Roast Turkey

Have a magnificent November everyone.

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