Five for Friday - 15th Nov

I have just five days left of Long Service Leave.....

Friday signals the end to another week

Here are my five randoms for this week

Here is my reason for being on Long Service Leave! 
Nic has one more major exam left and then his life at secondary school is over. 
Thirteen years is a long time - but it seems like yesterday that he was our premature baby, then starting school and all of a sudden we are here. 
He wants to go to Uni next year and do a course to get into Social Work. 
Next phase - here we come.....




So while Nic is studying and when I am not being 'the Domestic Goddess' and providing meals and moral support I have managed to complete some work - these are in my store and the Number Sense  work is with iSURF(c)
These have been sitting in a digital folder waiting, waiting, waiting...


Gary from the 'Scrappy Guy' was partnered up with me through Jameson's Slant Box - a real link up. 
SLANT is Sending Love Across Nations for Teachers. 
So the box arrived and I loved it! 

My Mum and Dad - Dad has had surgery and had a knee replacement. His knee is much better. 
This photo was taken when they were on a cruise around the Pacific Islands earlier this year. 
Love them to bits.

Now the secrets out!

Have a great week everyone


  1. You sure have been working hard Paula! The new units look great

  2. I can't stop laughing at your math teachers being pirates pin. That pin could definitely be on to something!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. One more exam to go - yay! Then excitement all round for your family! Enjoy your last week of long service leave Paula!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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