Five for Friday - 1st Nov

I am a day late as it has been a massive week - work and personally and it is nice to relax on this Saturday morning.
Five for Friday is here so head on over to link up with Kacey
Here are my five randoms for this week

Trying to motivate writers? 
This story wheel has been a great joy to many writers. 
I made it about 6 years ago and kids just love spinning the three wheels. 
Each wheel has a different focus - one for setting, one for plot and one for characters. 
The stories are amazing and my preps have just started using it. 

I know I am very coloured coded and it could drive other people mad.
I have a different highlighter for each month.
This way I can see growth in learning from month to month.
I find it a great tracking system.

This week has been our sports day. We had heaps of fun and enjoyed our events and races. 

Random photos from our backyard.I love my 'Just Joey' roses.

This is my current project and should be done by tomorrow. 

Keep you eye out for Storybook Saturday later today!

Have a fab week everyone.

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