Five for Friday - 29th Nov

Here are my five randoms for this week

I have been part of an Aussie Blog Hop for a Christmas down under.
Check it out - it is live until the 25th of December.

I am getting ready for Christmas - laminating and getting ready for some extra fun and heaps of learning at the same time. This is a photo of my 170 page Math pack with 12 learning tasks.


This is my Writing pack and it contains 40 tasks!


I have been working with 50 other bloggers to bring you a surprise - it will all be revealed on Monday!

I have been so busy getting so much ready for this sale. I hope you have your wish lists ready! 
This little grid below is a year of hard work. Our system in our state expects all my 5/6 year olds to be reading at Level 5 at the end of December.
(I have blacked out the names on the left.)

I am so excited as all my students have reached this milestone. 
The exciting part is that many have exceeded this!
At the end of next year they need to be at Level 15 - I have ten gorgeous kids who are doing that and some are doing more!
At the end of the following year - so two years ahead they need to be at 20 - there are five who are there already. 
This is scary and writing reports for them is scary - but they have proved to me that they can do this.
I am very color co ordinated and each month is a different color, that way I can see the growth over months and track kids if they haven't moved in a while. 

Have a great week everyone. We only have 3 weeks of school left.......

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