Five for Friday - 2nd Nov

Seven days can be gone in a blink!
Here are my five randoms for this week

I have been organising my Christmas work - we won't start using them for another week - but I am ready. 
If you would like to check them out - click here to go to my TPT store

I am part of an Aussie blog hop that will start on Sunday - come back and check it out. There will be some freebies for you (ssshhh - mine is a Polar Express Counting freebie). I had lots of fun creating it.

Just loving that it is Friday. 
However, this weekend I will be bunkered down as I need to write 22 reports. 
Honestly, I enjoy writing them. I love being able to focus on each one of my kids and record for parents what has happened and what direction we need to take. 
It is a celebration of our year so far.

We have all undergone our reviews recently and today we got some feedback around the process and future directions for us all. Our Principal spoke about how collaborative we are, our growth in focusing on assessing, planning and the impact of our pedagogy and how we have impacted on student learning. 
We are developing a plan to keep moving and adding value to everyone in our school community. 


Dreamlike Magic designed my blog and now I have had them design a business card for me.
I just love it.

Have a great week everyone. 


  1. I have been busy organizing all of my Christmas stuff to do also so I don't have to worry about it over Thanksgiving break. It feels wonderful!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. My Preppies only have 1 more week left, so I have planned a heap of Christmas activities for them - I'm so excited to have some fun before I have to say goodbye to my kidlets. Looking forward to checking out the blog hop to collect some ideas for next year. :) Love the cute business card!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. It is always great to get back awesome feedback from admin! Congrats!


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