Five for Friday - 13th Dec

Here are my five randoms for this week

As I was meeting my business partner for a breakfast meeting this morning - this is the sight that greeted me. Today has been a glorious day here in Ballarat. On our lake we often see our swans waddling around with their babies behind them. 
Business meeting you ask - Kerry and I are iSURF(c) check us out. This is separate from my Paula's Place work.
We are just Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum, but our units/lessons plans would suit many curriculums. 

This is a random post.
These three stools are new stools for our kitchen bench. 
A great spot for our breakfast each day. 
They have a bit of Christmas bling on them.

I went book shopping today - I just needed some more Christmas books.
It's like shoes and handbags - you can never have enough ......
This book will be part of my Storybook Saturday post, so make sure you come back and read it.

These 9 kids are my favourite kids - they are my two children and their cousins. 
Sadly, we flew home last weekend as my parents are not well and I wanted to see them. 
On the up side we got to see my family.

My parents have the best view - one photo is from the front of the house and the other is from the back. They live in a sugar cane growing area, you can see the range and the river. 
Murwillumbah is a very pretty place. 

Have a great week everyone.


  1. I know that view! My partner's parents live in nearby Uki which is just beautiful too! Lovely part of the world.

    1. Uki is only 15 minutes away from where I grew up. Maybe some of my family have been to high school with your partner.


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